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Biuro tłumaczeń MIR język niemiecki i angielski Warszawa

The plain and sworn written and oral translations from German and English into Polish, and from Polish into German and English. We make the each and every effort to ensure that awaiting time for ready translations is the shortest and that the quality of the finished product meets the highest standard. We always have in mind the interest of our Clients and cordially encourage you to make use of our services.

The ordinary translation

tlumaczenia-zwykleFrom German/English and into German/English (translation of texts not requiring certification by a sworn translator).

Certified translations

tlumaczenia-przysiegleFrom German/English and into German/English (translation of texts requiring certification by a sworn translator).

Consecutive interpreting

tlumaczenia-ustneThe person whose speech is being interpreted takes a break after a few sentences so that the interpreter can translate it.

About us

MIR Translation Office specializes in providing the translation services in two foreign languages : German and English.

The translation agency is assisted by the team of qualified certified translators of German and English. We translate the written and oral texts in plain and sworn format.

Among our clients are large corporations as well as private individuals. We make every effort to ensure that after first visit the client is satisfied enough to permanently use our translation services.

The regular translations are as often requested as sworn ones.

We usually receive for the translation documents such as trade agreements, notarial deeds, certificates, birth record, death certificates. marriage certificates, car documents, school certificates, financial statements, minutes of business meetings, indictments, lawsuits, medical certificates, etc.

We are distinguished from other translator’s company, by the fact that we highly care for the excellent quality of the translation and at the same time we want our client to be satisfied from the first contact to the collection of finished product of the translation.


Our adress

ul. Pachnąca 95 m 21, 02-790 Warszawa

ul. Kościuszki 10/ Lokal 1, 05-500 Piaseczno